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mōbilitas [mo-bil-e-tas]: mobility, activity, speed.


At Mobilitas Group, we are experts in mobility.


From transportation planning and traffic engineering, to developing comprehensive mobility plans for stadiums and special events, we offer a high degree of personalized service to meet the needs of our clients.


Our collaborative approach allows us to work with clients, professionals, and stakeholders to achieve success.



We offer transportation planning solutions that accommodate all modes of travel.


Our approach integrates 

transportation with land use planning, urban design, and engineering to develop solutions that improve mobility, access, and quality of life.

We work directly with public and private sector clients to undertake a wide range of traffic engineering and planning services in support of various urban development projects.

We manage the flow of people to events and experiences.


We develop comprehensive transportation plans and services that help sports and entertainment venues achieve success.

We specialize in the design of parking systems and programs for complex, mixed-use developments.


Our parking advisory services helps developers and site operators select parking solutions that meet the specific needs of their facilities.

We offer transportation data collection services to meet the needs of all projects.

We work directly with community members, clients, and approvals agencies to develop positive relationships and form solutions that address transportation issues.




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Collaboration Opportunities

Mobilitas Group is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other professionals on projects. 


To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us at

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